Sunday, 28 December 2014

Facebook tricks

well, today i came up with a new post of cool and amazing facebook tricks...

1.trace your facebook profile visitors

1) Go to your Facebook Profile Page.

2) Now Press Ctrl + U from your keyboard for see source code of your profile page.

3) Now press Ctrl + F from your keyboard to open search box.

4) Now search this code {"list":

5) You find some Facebook Profile Ids.

6) There are some Facebook Profile Ids of your friends who visited recently.

7) The first one ID's are showing visits the most number of time.

8) Now if your want to findout, Open a new tab Enter below link : Profile Id

For Example :

you are done (Y)

2.Update Facebook Status via Email:

when you are unable to acess your facebook , then this trick will help to update status of your facebook via email....

Login to Facebook account and  go to account settings, click on Mobile tab then u will find You will find a unique email address that will be used to update Facebook status using Email.

send an email to that email address with Subject as the text you want to appear in Facebook Status
After sending email , check your facebook done your facebook status is uploaded via email.

3. Send large files up to 1 GB on Facebook

There is an another cool app on facebook PIPE APP that lets you to store large files and lets your friends to download files, through this you can send big files online. Is nt that funny..give a try :)

#Hacking Word. Thnx for your support friends.

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