Wednesday, 24 December 2014

frank calls

Well today I will be showing you an awesome way that could help you in making calls from anyone's number to anyone free of charge. Yes you heard it right, you can actually make calls from your friends number to their girlfriends and talk the way your friend would hence pranking with them or in any other way depending on your mind creativity and the way you use this service.
Make Calls with any Caller ID to Anyone
So now you can imagine two persons getting connected with each other and the you are the one who is the host of that call and you can conversate anything. Haha its going to hilarious right, well using VOXOX we can do this thing and the bets part is that this service is available on iOS, Android and Windows.
So if you are not having an Android or iOS device do not worry as you can use Windows software to make prank calls easily. So now lets jump in to see how this whole process works.
Remember Make sure you use this only for fun and prank purpose, do not use this in an offensive way it might lead in trouble. And make sure to add +91 in front of the caller id and the number you are dialing else it won't work.
Visit VOXOX Downloads page and download the appropriate application.
If you are on windows then choose the windows option and download the desired application for your computer.
Now after installing the software you need to Sign Up with their free account that rewards you with $1 free credit.
Simply enter your name, mobile number and email to get started.
Now clicking on that small dial pad will get this big dial pad up where you can enter your friends mobile number that you want to call.
Now to change the CALLER ID you just need to click the small phone icon on the bottom and choose "My Caller ID"
Now you will see another dialog popped up where you can change your caller ID to any number in the world you want.
Just choose the proper country code, like in the above image I have chosen the India and now insert your mobile number you want to display to your friend.
That's it now you can press OK and enter your friends mobile number who you want to call.
How to Make Prank Calls from iOS and Android
Well if you are using any iOS or Android based phone then you can use VOXOX App to make prank calls, but remember in Android still now you cannot make proper caller ID change but I have tested this app working in iOS and it works great.
You can simply install this application from the app store and then login using your account, after that from settings you can change the caller ID, make sure that you add +91 in front of the number you want to display and even call else it won't work.
So guys this ends another awesome post from my side, hope you like this amazing trick to prank your friends with anonymous fake calls, if you face any difficulties do comment and do subscribe to our blog for future updates.

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