Monday, 29 December 2014

Root Android In Easy Way!!!

Step 1 : Plug in and connect your
android device to your computer via USB
and it will initiate driver installation for
the device. Install them. Skip this if you
have done this already before.

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Step 2 : Unplug and re-connect, but this
time select ''Charge only'' to sure that
your phone’s SD Card in not mounted to
your PC during the rooting process.

Step 3 : Put your android into USB
Debugging mode. Go to Settings >
Applications > Development and enable
USB Debugging. This will enable
SuperOneClick to root your android
device by running the exploit from your
PC while connected via USB.
Check all the steps. All drivers should
be installed. You SD card must be un-
mounted and USB Debugging must be
enabled. Now get ready.

Step 4 : Open the superoneclick folder
you’ve downloaded and run
SuperOneClick.exe file. You will see the
window (below). Click on the ''Root''
button. You will get messages like shown
below and if everything goes well you
will get OK messages a lot.

Step 5 : It takes just a minute. And after
its done you will see a ''Running a Su
test Success!'' which means the rooting
process is completed. Go to your phone
app drawer and you will see Superuser
icon which means you now have root
access. (reboot the phone if you don’t
see it)

Try with your own risk...!

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