Sunday, 11 January 2015

Facebook Invisible Name Trick

Hello guyzz use this trick to make ur FB name invisible

☞First Open your Firefox Browser.

☞Now Open Click on Tool Top Corner in
Left Side.

☞Now Scroll Down and Click on

☞Now Click on Advance > Network >

Proxy Setting
☞Check on Manual Proxy Configuration
and use Below proxy.

     Port   8080

☞Now Save it and Login Your Facebook

☞Now Click on Setting Option and
Change language Bhasa Indonesia .

☞Now Click on Name Edit and Follow

☞Now replace your name with Below
Words kk.


(simply copy and paste it)

☞Now Remove K letter and Save It .

☞Once again Change your Name with
kk .

☞Now Remove K letter and Save It .

☞Now is Done.

you can also use this on your default browser

set this proxy,port in internet settings

now open and do the other steps but you need data plan.

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