Tuesday, 17 February 2015

How to Edit Website Easily

By using this trick you can able to edit any webpages using your browser as even also you can able to change wikipedia,or google etc ,.. according to your wish ,even though facebook also using your own browser ,,you don't need hacking or cracking..

Here some of the example just i am going to explain with some pictures ,just see below.

These are some example,you can use it for anything like showing facebook page likes or pranking your friends by showing something scaring information from facebook or gmail. it depends on only your mind creativity ,and my only advice is that the use this javascript for only entertainment purposes only and for not any other bad things.

[ Mozilla firefox does not support these features,so don't try it in using mozilla firefox, use any others web browsers ]

if you want to use this trick just copy the code from here and paste it in your browser,after opened the website your wish to edit and start editing on your web browser


you can capture a screenshot by pressing the printscreen key or using skipping tool and use this code to make your edited website look authentic ,after editing your website just paste the script in your browser

            [note : does not work in mozilla browser ]


That's it now you have been able to modify any of these website.

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