Saturday, 14 March 2015

Hack Facebook Page In 20 Seconds * World First On Net*

Worlds First On Net

(everyone say Facebook hacking is not possible. i Make The History)

this method was founded by me

Today I found this excellent method
to Hack a Facebook Page

just give this link to victim
which you want to Hack

Replace 342602542597873 with the page id you want to Hack...

Replace the 100005190426499 id as your profile id.

just send the link To Victim
By Page Inbox

Now you are the Admin of that page...

Now don't waste time

suddenly open that page and goto
settings>>page rolls>>
remove all admins from the list

Now you are the main administrator

Now That Page Is Yours You Can Do Anything

Enjoy Friends...!

For Hackers:

friends, just create New Blog site in
xtgem, wapka etc.. any freeHosting site
with JavaScript

now complete this site as
(need atleast 3 page victim want To enter,)

say to victim

"i found a new script for
unlimited Free Calling" but only working with mobile operamini, don't use pc /laptop Like this

Victim ENTERd your site
in the last main link

(example: make call like this)

Put the above make admin code in button html...

(with targetted page with your id)

after victim click the link he noticed
" you make alone as admin "

In this Time (from link sending time)
stay on victim page refresh it again and again...

Now you have got page options
goto settings and click "page rolls"
and remove him....

he never suddenly back from your site
(because fully "JavaScript"
Victim Confirmly Stucked Here


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