Monday, 6 July 2015

Flipkart Unlimited earn

Flipkart Refer And Earn :- Flipkart Offering to get free 50 Rs. Gift Voucher. To get the free gift voucher from Flipkart is so simple. And you also earn upto 1000 Rs. Gift Vouchers as Free.
Follow the Steps Below :-
Steps to get Free Gift Vouchers From Flipkart Are:-
1] First Download The App From Play Store
2] After Downloading the App Sign up New Account in Flipkart Enter Your Number and Sign up
3] After enter your number you get the Verification Code then enter that your succesfully Register at Flipkart
4] After Succesfully Register You get the notification for get Reward Then enter this code "vmrauu" YOu Get 50 Rs. Free Gift Voucher From Flipkat
5] To invite Friend Go to Menu you see the option like Below :-
6] To see your Balance go to My Earning
How to Earn Unlimited FLipkart Gift Vouchers
* First Follow the above Steps
* Second Now note down Your Refferal Code
* Third Now clear the Flipkart App Data
* Fourth Now download the Android ID Changer and change your android id
* Fifth Now Open FLipkart And Sign with New Account now enter your Refferal Code
* Sixth Now you both Get the Free 50 Rs. Gift Vouchers
* Seventh Repeat the Same Procedure to Earn Unlimited From Flipkart App Share Offer
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