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How To Install One App Twice Times in Android

How To Install One App Twice Times in Androids

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Android has lots of features and functionality, it gives us freedom to do anything with our android device. We all like to play with our android smartphone by doing various tweaks and customization.
Today we will show how can you run many accounts of a single app on your android device, most of the users have tried to do this with their android phones but this is not easy to run multiple accounts of a single app on android phone. Its very easy basically, you just have to install an android app and this guide is for all android phones whether rooted or non rooted.

So, lets go through the guide directly.......


1. Firstly, Download & Install Parallel Space Multi Accounts (V 1.0.3237).apk Android App.

2. Open the App and click on (+) sign.

3. A list will be open to select an app. Then, select an app. So, here we have selected Facebook Lite for an example.

4. Now, that app will be added to the main page of Parallel Space Multi Accounts Android App. So, here Facebook Lite has been added.

5. Now, click on the app and open the app. And at last create account or use it...

!!!!! DONE !!!!!

Please Note :- This app Parallel Space only works on android phone with version 4.0 or above , if your phone is running a lower version of android then this app will not work .


1. Apk Editor apk file on your Android.

2. Apk Editor Patch apk file on your Android.

3. Apk of the app you wish to clone or for which you want to install same app twice on Android.


Step 1 : If you have downloaded both apps, please install Apk Editor first and open it. You need to make sure home directory is /sd card/

Step 2 : Install the second app that is Apk Editor Patch . You’ll be asked to replace the previous one, please allow it.

Step 3 : I guess you are ready with the apk you wish to clone or for which you want to install multiple instances of same app.

Step 4 : Next, open the Apk Editor app and navigate to the locate the apk of the app you wish to clone. In my case, I am cloning Skype. Long tap the Skype apk and select

Step 5 : Now, you’ll be asked to name the apk of Cloned version, name it anything like Skype2 and press Ok . It might take some time, but it’ll be worth the wait.

Step 6 : Open file manager, locate the cloned version of the apk and install it

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