Thursday, 30 June 2016

Check 'My Activity' Dashboard to grasp what quantity Google is aware of regarding you


Check 'My Activity' to Know How Much Google knows about you
It's no secret that Google is aware of lots concerning you.

The company tracks virtually everything you are doing on the net, as well as your searches, music you hear, videos you watch, and even the places you visit, and it will this for targeting relevant ads to its users and higher improve its service.

Now the technology large encompasses a conceive to create it easier to regulate all the information the corporate collects throughout all of your completely different devices.

Google has unrolled a replacement My Activity page that shows a searchable history of just about everything you are doing on-line, as well as antecedently visited websites, voice searches, searched things and places, watched Netflix programs, and every one activities you probably did on every of its product.

"My Activity may be a central place to look at and manage activity like searches you've got done, websites you've got visited, and videos you've got watched," Google says. "Your activity is listed as individual things, beginning with the foremost recent. these things can be a part of bundles, that cluster similar activity along."

Google product that the My Activity page hold embrace Ads, Search, Android, Play, Chrome, YouTube, Video Search, Image Search, Maps, News, Now, Books, Developers, Finance, Help, and looking.

Soon you may additionally see a prompt on Google services asking you to examine your security settings. a replacement opt-in choice can raise if you wish to customized ads supported your age, gender, and search history to show on third-party sites, reports Wired.

By opting in, you may let Google use all of the data associated with your account across services as well as Search, Chrome, and YouTube, to supply higher ads for you across the online.

The feature is helpful for those that wish additional granular management over however ads work across all their devices coupled with Google account and provides them the power to dam some ads they do not wish to visualize.

For example, if a commercial for itinerant haunts you across the online, you'll be able to kill that ad from all over, all promptly, instead of going device by device.

However, the feature additionally offers you associate degree choice to delete things yet — everything in a very specific date vary or by specific topics.

If you're one among those privacy-conscious hawks, you'll be able to change your settings within the Privacy examination. you'll be able to modification your settings for final privacy, counting on what proportion of your on-line activity you permit Google to trace.

You can even suspend internet and application activity trailing for My Activity, however that might impact the options like autocomplete suggestions.

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