Thursday, 11 August 2016 clone rises totake place of earlier website is the newest clone that mimics the original design of Torrentz with sameSearch and help bar, the latest clone for is already up and seems like a legit replacement for the popular torrent site. is a popular torrent aggregation
website that shut shop very recently. shutdown came right after
Kickass Torrent was taken down and its 30-
year old Ukranian founder Artem Vaulin was
detained in Poland. It is unclear how has come up and from where the
service is originating but it looks like a
perfect rip off of Torrentz with similar UI and
similar design. calls itself a clone of Torrentz
and hence a free, fast and powerful meta-
search engine. The website like Torrentz
aggregates results from dozens of search
engines. The claims to be
indexing 59,642,496 torrents from
124,175,891 pages.
While seems like a comeback forTorrentz, it is not clear how long the websitewould survive. Torrentz has bid adieu after 13years of being in service. alsoadds a message “We will always love youTorrentz. Goodbye.” Alexa, the global webtraffic analysis website ranks Torrentz as 28most popular website.
Clone websites are nothing new to torrentsites. Soon after Kickass Torrents was takendown by authorities,clone websites startedregenerating quickly. The most popular of
them, distributing films, video games,television and other media was pulled down aweek later.
The fate of is unknown for nowbut we can say that Torrentz breathes a newlease of life.

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