Thursday, 26 January 2017

YAHOOEY Brit pensioner caught up in Yahoo hack STILL hasn’t got access to his email account

Londoner says he can't access cherished pictures of grandchildren and had to scramble to rearrange vital hospital appointments
IT was the biggest hack in history, with more than a billion email accounts attacked.

But weeks after the Yahoo hack, one Londoner has STILL not been given access to his email and he’s not happy about it.
Denis O’Leary, who taught himself to use a computer whilst in his seventies
Denis O’Leary, a 76-year-old from Rotherhithe, was locked out of his account and has been unable to get back in.
He slammed Yahoo and said they had not done enough to help him out.
“It’s really upset me, because my four-year-old great grandson’s photos are on there and I can’t get them,” he said.
“I also had all my hospital appointments on there, so I had to phone them up to find out when to go to my heart and diabetes clinic appointments.”
Yahoo said 1 billion account users were hacked in adata breach
After the hack, Denis tried to go through the process to reset his password and get back into his account.
This didn’t work and he enlisted the help of a computer expert from Dulwich  College, who also had to admit defeat.
Denis tried to call Yahoo’s head office in London, but was simply told to go away and fill in a form online.
He even phoned Dublin, but was given the same advice.
“They’re a big faceless company and it’s impossible to get any help,” he added.
“I just went around and around.
“It’s like you don’t exist.”

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