Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Android now supports Kotlin (Statically typed programming language for modern multiplatform applications)

Programming languages! hmm! C, C++, Java, Python, Php, blah blah blah.. Wants something interesting right? Come On let's check out the new KOTLIN programming language.

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     Kotlin is a statically typed programming language which is appeared in 2011. But now its officially announced. Kotlin runs on the Java virtual machine and also can be compiled to javascript source code or use the LLVM compiler infrastructure.

     While the syntax is not compatible with java, Kotlin is intended to interoperate with Java code and is dependent on Java code from the current Java Class Library, such as collections framework. You can build applications for JVM (Java Virtual Machine), Android, Javascript, Native infrastructure.

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                          Kotlin is 
Concise       : Drastically reduce the amount of boilerplate code
Safe          : Avoid entire classes of errors such as null pointer                        exceptions
Interoperable : Leverage existing libraries for the JVM, Android, and the                       browser.
Tool-friendly   : Choose any Java IDE or build from the command line.

    Kotlin 1.2 beta2 is out  now. In this there are small internal changes and also added some missing pieces to the multi-platform project. 
    This is how Kotlin looks like

package hello

fun main(args: Array<String>) {

        println("Hello World!")


      Optional package header and semicolons also optional. You can try it online and can use Intellij IDEA, Android studio, Eclipse and Compiler. You can also check and try it out directly in https://kotlinlang.org/.

      Thank you for reading this article guys. We will be back with more latest Geeky updates.

                                Stay Tuned!


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