Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Hack the Android's most popular apps, Google will give you $1,000 | Google Bug Bounty

     A good opportunity for hackers to explore your skills and earn money! The world's largest tech giant Google is offering $1,000 to the people who can hack the androids most popular apps. Google has launched the Google play security program in a partnership with  HackerOne and several popular android developers.

      Even Google has offered similar bounty programs before, this is the first time that it has partnered with individual developers and currently 13 of the most popular app developers are part of this program. This program includes Tinder, Dualingo, Dropbox, Snapchat, Headspace, My mail and other servers.

      The guidelines for the program are genuinely straightforward. When you find a bug or vulnerability in one of the participating applications, you essentially report it to the designers and work with them to fix the issue. Once the issue has been fixed, the application engineers will pay you, and afterward Google will contribute a $1,000 reward over whatever you were at that point paid.

       Moreover, Google will gather information and sharing it to other application engineers keeping in mind the end goal to enable them to address comparable issues. This means the prizes will be taken care of on a first-come-first-serve basis. On the off chance that different individuals find an issue, Google will only reward the first person to submit the issue.

       As of now, this program is just accessible to 13 application designers, yet in the event that it demonstrates fruitful, Google may expand it to others.

         Bug bounties, for example, this are just the same old thing new thus called "white hat" hackers can make a decent living working with tech companies to resolve security issues. Both tech and computer games organizations are putting forth rewards to the individuals who can hack their services and hardware. Such programs provide a way for hackers to make a living while helping to keep people’s personal data safe.

         One of the biggest bug bounties was offered by Microsoft. In 2015, the organization increased its bug bounty reward from $50,00 to $100,000. In the event that you need to profit while as yet assisting Google, at that point you'll be happy to know the organization is putting forth $100,000 to the individuals who can pull off a major Chromebook hack. The stipulation that the Hacker pull off an "persistent compromise" of a Chromebook in guest mode.

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