Monday, 25 December 2017

Woman Got cheated of Rs 6.8 lakh by her ‘Facebook friend’

A 48-year-old woman who was cheated of Rs 6.8 lakh by a man she befriended on social media has filed a complaint against three people with the cybercrime police.
The victim Nanditha Mohan Rao, a resident of Banashankari, accepted a friend request from a man named Michael Dennis on Facebook two months ago, police said. They soon began chatting on WhatsApp as well.
On November 28, Rao received a call from a woman, who introduced herself as Jahnavi Sharma, a senior customs officer at Indira Gandhi International airport, Delhi. Police said she told Rao they'd caught Dennis with 50,000 pounds in cash in breach of the law. Sharma said Dennis would be released if Rao paid Rs 50,000 on his behalf as penalty. Rao transferred the money immediately.

Police said Sharma sent another message to the victim asking for Rs 1.5 lakh as a fee to convert the pounds into rupees. After Rao paid up, Sharma asked for Rs 4.8 lakh as an anti-money laundering fee. Rao promptly transferred the money on November 29. She did not realise she was being cheated, police said.
When a man called the next day, and identified himself as Ashwini Kumar, a senior RBI officer from New Delhi, and asked for Rs 8.25 lakh as further charges, Rao got suspicious. She spoke to some friends who told her to go to the police.

"The victim then approached the cybercrime police station on Saturday and filed a complaint. We have registered a case of cheating under the IPC and Information Technology Act against three persons, Michael Dennis, Jahnavi Sharma and Ashwini Kumar based on the complaint and a probe is underway," a police officer said.

Source TOI

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